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A mini video retrospective of the artistic adventures of Sheryo & The Yok

The psychedelic street art duo Sheryo & The Yok  are some of the most active artists in the urban art scene. Never resting, always painting bigger and bigger, they’ve just returned from Miami Art Basel 2014 – where they were invited to paint two massive murals in Wynwood for the Miami Ad School. And yet, as most artists lay down their cans for the winter, these two love cats are keeping their shorts on, now headed toward the warm winters of the Southern hemisphere for a winter “spray-cation” throughout Oceania and Asia.

And if that wasn’t enough, their artistic minds also go into a bit of film-making, as they regularly record, edit and upload fresh footage from their adventures from all corners of the world – posted on The Yok’s video channel.

Here’s a selection of some of our favorite street art videos by Sheryo & The Yok:

Hitting trains in Europe with the 3rd Crew:

Exploring the techniques and influences of Batik art in Indonesia:

Hitting the surf town of Puerto Escondido in Mexico:

Painting throughout the ghost factories of Detroit:

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